Kombinizona kids is a children’s clothing and accessories line under the umbrella of Georgian conceptual fashion brand Kombinizona. We champion innovations and inclusion across the fashion industry since 2015.

We stand for happiness, inclusion and earth-saving ideology among kids/teens. Offering interactive and therapeutic fashionable clothes with #colorarchitecture for happiness!

Kombinizona Kombinizona Kids co-founder and creative director, Gano Melitauri, mother of 4 kids, totally knew what are children’s main needs and demands. How clothes must bring fun, functionality and happiness to kids, first of all, and then to parents. Functional, colorful and interactive clothes are created from her own personal innovative wonderings during her 15 years of maternity experience. Her dream was to share this amazing journey with the world and create her dream brand, Kombinizona Kids, where she could tell the world real stories about actual, social problems, carry strong message boxes about birth selection, wheelchair users, mental and physical disorders, earth saving and sustainability and  about colors thar can bring happiness to all of us.

She first of all embarked on global scientific research about how kids and humans, in general, perceive colors, and then colors in clothing and based on this research. She founded the brand together with young entrepreneur Kahaber Gagnidze, who also was father of 2 kids at that time. They joined love and motivation and Kombinizona Kids was born, together with little baby Rene, who is their first son together.


Kombinizona is the first sustainable ideology brand in Georgia.

They create therapeutic and interactive clothing to improve children’s mental health and motor skills, as well as helping to learn colors, counting, geometric figures. To look at the world with fun interaction,  according to “color perception”  research  all looks are therapeutic and promote happiness. The brand also manages waste and by recycling materials into new products under #wastemagic platform.

Kombinizona kids is one of the first and only brands to develop adaptive clothing for people with disabilities, so all our items are adaptable.

Adaptive clothing is for everyone who is facing certain nonstandard clothing needs, for example, is not able to unbutton or suffers from arthritis.

This designer line is a complete innovation in the South Caucasus region. As a brand lobbying equality, Kombinizona envisions inclusion in the fashion industry and creates comfortable clothing for people with disabilities or pregnant women to better express themselves.

Kombinizona kids is designed and creative with love in Georgia.

Currently their sewing factory in Georgia unites 50 employees, including 10 people with disabilities (PDWs) The company is inclusive no only in terms of goods, but also in terms of the employment environment that is equally accessible to professionals of any age.

Let’s save the world!

We are first Georgian multi – brand to implement zero waste and waste management processes and supported circular fashion concept during designing collections from early 2015.

Most of “Kombinizona Kids” products:

  • #Wastemagic created by waste management process
  • Uses zero waste ideology
  • Recycles items from preview collections of main “Kombinizona’ unisex line, “Kombinizona moms” line and “Kombinizona kids” collections
  • We give new life to items from our consumers wardrobe – childhood clothes, toys and etc. campaign is called #Wastemagic #Newbreath #Shareheat
  • We try to create half of fabrics with quilting techniques
  • Sewing machines are eco-friendly /electricity saver
  • We press waste and use it inside winter products
  • We create fabrics with small pieces and quilt techniques –so don’t throw any fabric away
  • We collect plastic waste as bottles and others and send it for processing in a special factory
  • We use 100% cotton and GOTS  certified textiles
  • We reinvest 30% of sales towards buying our own fabric waste machine
  • Customers can bring back items after a year / 6 months and recycle it with us. They then get a 50% discount on the products we create from these fabrics. You can also order a new item and we can redesign it using other fabrics to create a brand new item!